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Our customer are very satisfied with our high-quality and reasonably priced service. With dedicated account managers, we make sure each customer is cared for.

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2018 customer satisfaction survey results.

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We provide a reach like no other publication. We asked customers what influenced their decision to work with us. They tell us it’s quality of service, unique reach, and our Black and multi-ethnic Christian work.

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Quality of service
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2018 customer satisfaction survey results.


Here’s a look at what are advertisers are saying.
Delighted to work with them
Jamie, London School of Theology
Keep the Faith is an important resource for the UK Church. We have been delighted to work with them to help Christians from Black and Ethnic Minority churches understand the study options available to them at London School of Theology.
Helpful and efficient
Nichola, Reliance Bank Limited
Great content and ever changing with events and news. Staff are helpful and efficient to get your message across
Highly recommend Keep the Faith
Lorna & Jenny, Ebony Status
We would highly recommend Keep the Faith, we found the marketing team friendly, quick, efficient and the price was excellent. Thank you all.
A great range of advertising options
Charlie, Spring Harvest
Keep the Faith offers a great range of advertising options to suit all budgets, both online and offline, and a great team to work with!
Giving the community a voice
Alex, Bethel Convention Centre
Keep The Faith are a fantastic, family run magazine, giving the community a voice that needs to be heard
Earned and deserve support
Juliet, Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) and GreenTree Productions
Keep The Faith is a perfect example of business combined with cause. There is no other magazine publication that has dedicated itself to a community as they have done. They have earned and deserve support from each of us. Keep The Faith keeps a track of our present, helps and unites us to visualise our future and when we look back – is helping us to see how far we have come and every reason for #keepthefaithALIVE! Thank you
Definitely recommend
Heather Butcher, True Inspirations
I definitely recommend the service that Keep The Faith and the rest of the Team has to offer. Having had some insight by volunteering for the team for a short time, I can really appreciate the hard work they put into all the magazines. I will continue to support them in whatever way I can by advertising my work as a freelance writer or by recommendation or any other way of donations when I can afford to. It all helps to share the message of love and diversity through Faith

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